Activities & Events

During past few years, SETU FOUNDATION has organized several programs under distinct objectives, covering all the relevant issues to uplift and serve the weaker sections of society. Some of which are as follows: 

Income generation activities:

To strengthen the earning hand of the villages- the youth, SETU FOUNDATION conducted various training programs for the youth groups, especially for adolescent/young girls. SETU FOUNDATION also endeavored to change the traditional pattern of cropping and motivated women to increase their share in income generation activities through medicinal plant cultivation promotion. The following training programs have been conducted:

  • Handloom Training program for villagers in Dist. Tehri.
  • Training program on stitching and tailoring for school going girls in Dist. Tehri
  • Women Awareness Camps on rights and livelihood promotion in Dist. Dehradun (Funded by SSWB, Govt.Uttrakhand )
  • Agro based livelihood skill development training of women/farmers in distinct villages of Dist. Dehradun on Medicinal Plant cultivation and Conservation (Funded by NMPB, New Delhi, GOI)
  • Herbal Beauty Care Training program for adolescent/young girls and house wives of distinct villages and urban areas of District Dehradun (Cofounded by SEWA-THDC Rishikesh and Setu Foundation)
  • Vocational Trainings in different trades for rural disabled people of district Dehradun as per the need assessment ( Funded by CBM-SARO through RDI Dehradun )

Activities on Health and Sanitation:

Health and sanitation awareness is the weaker aspect of society. To bring change in the mind-sets and beliefs of the populace SETU FOUNDATION has made serious efforts by organizing awareness camps along with health camps, environment awareness camps, vaccination and other related programs like:

  • Health Check-up Camps for Villagers in Tehri
  • Environment awareness Camps for Villagers in Tehri
  • Hepatitis B vaccination and Awareness Camp in Dist. Pauri (supported by RESEARCH INDIA, LUCKNOW)
  • Forestry Work in Tehri.
  • Solid Waste Management awareness program in urban area of Dehradun (Supported by Urban development department, Govt. of Uttarakhand)

Surveys conducted:

SETU FOUNDATION conducted surveys on Birth registration and female birth rate to strengthen the activity of awareness creation on Female Feticide, and submitted the primary data to concerned Govt. bodies. A survey on present status of education facilities in the Dist. was also conducted and analytical report had been sent to “Sarv Shiksha Abhiyaan” Dehradun, Govt. of Uttarakhand.

  • Baseline Survey on “education facilities in slums” in Rishikesh
  • Baseline Survey on “education facilities in slums” in Rishikesh
  • Baseline survey on Universal Birth Registration in Dist. Haridwar.
  • Demographic survey NBA of disabled person in some villages of Block Doiwala, district Dehradun

Activities on gender issue:

SETU FOUNDATION has worked on the issue of Female Feticide. Different awareness activities have been organized for sensitizing the community on the issue of female feticide including many IEC activities.

  • Awareness program on the issue of Female Feticide & UBR in Dist. Haridwar (Funded by PLAN INDIA, New delhi )
  • Baseline survey on identification of female birth rate in Dist. Haridwar.


  • For effective implementation of the Female Feticide elimination program in Haridwar District with the support of Plan India and facilitated by SBMA, Setu Foundation has got membership in District level PNDT Committee, Haridwar in the year 2003 (in the initial phase itself of awareness campaign against female feticide-Sex selective abortion).
  • The awareness creation program of the Setu Foundation on Female Feticide elimination was very well received by the community. Sex ratio raised remarkably in the district (2001- S.R.862, 2011-S.R.877) as per the census 2011 (next to 2001).
  • Achieved success in registering 100% child births of program villages. Birth certificates were duly issued.
  • A village level resource team was formed to spread awareness on medicinal and aromatic plant cultivation and conservation. More than 1800 villagers directly or indirectly were benefitted in Doiwala Block, Dehradun.
  • Successfully completed and recieved certificate of IEC activities on the issue of Solid Waste Management. Certificates were given by corresponding Area councilors (Parshads) of Municipal area of city Dehradun.
  • Trained approximately 100 girls and women of district dehradun in Herbal Beauty Care Program. Setu Foundation issued certificates to the participants and most of them competently started giving helping hands in their household earnings.

Funding partners : Plan India, CBM, NMPB (New Delhi), Social Welfare Board (Uttarakhand), Nagar Nigam Dehradun, SEWA-THDC and Personal Donors & Community Contributions.

Primary concerns/thrust area and objectives

Sensitization and Providing support for Health with special focus on Mother and Child health, Education (focus on girls and disabled children), Skill trainings (special focus on women and PWDs) for livelihood support, rights(special focus on women ,PWD and, marginalized or other unprivileged section of society), Environment(special focus on Uttarakhand)

Work with us/Give meaning to your existence-

1)Internship and jobs, 2) voluntary work and donate/Sponsor/loan/Credit- prize/ gifts, livelihood support-placements, entrepreneurship support, training/skill development/advance education opportunity

Current Activities details

  • Working with THDC India SEVA, Uttarakhand, for Beauty Care Training Program For under privileged section of society (girls and women).
  • Working with Nagar Nigam, Dehradun under JNNURM program on Solid Waste Management.
  • Working with CBM-SARO on the issue of Disability in district dehradun, Uttarakhand
  • Include Vidya Campaign : Self Assessment for teachers on an Inclusive educational facilities in School of block Doiwala, Dehradun (Funded by CBM-SARO)
  • Providing physiotherapy services : Physiotherapy of some special need school children in block Doiwala, Dehradun with the financial support of Block Resource Center (Education department, Uttarakhand)
  • School Herbal Garden program : Foundation is establishing herbal garden in schools with the objective of educating students about medicinal plants  and conservation of  medicinal plants. The State Medicinal Plant Board, Uttarakhand is providing financial and technical support for implementation of this program. 
  • BUDS Academy : BUDS Academy is a Primary education program for less privileged children, from March 2016. BUDS ACADEMY is providing English medium primary education to less privileged children (Mostly dropouts). With its minimum resources foundation facilitate these kids with rented class rooms, teaching facilities ( 2 teachers), school maid (1), free books, stationary facilities, Uniforms, other necessary things and facilities with the support of community contribution. BUDS Academy, situated at village Mansa devi, By pass road Rishikesh, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India, has completed its one successful year and entered the next year. Setu Foundation is continuously making effort to receive support of doners for facilitating BUDS Academy to provide more qualitative facilities and creative environment in order to uplift the status of enrolled students.In addition foundation attempting to improve the financial status of concerning families through skill development and adult education as healthy and illiterate family support needed for upbringing of the child.
  •  To Assist PCPNDT Committee Haridwar for effective       implementation of PCPNDT act.
*  To Supervise and monitor of Ultrasound Centers.
To aware community against sex selective abortion.
*  To aware and strengthen PRIs for pregnancy registration and maintaining records for CSR etc.
  • Working against sex selective abortion With financial support of PCPNDT committee, Haridwar, in block Roorkee

Other activities : Awareness program on Adult literacy, education, Health, livelihood, environment and women empowerment.