Be a source of encouragement for the underprivileged section of society. Every penny of your contribution can help transform lives of many people from under privileged section of society.

“Your small contribution can make some lives  somehow somewhere bit comfortable”.
न धर्मो दयापरः
No better dharma than kindness.

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Join Hands with Us….

SETU FOUNDATION is a creative, totally committed to the welfare of the needy people, and is seeking financial support to execute further programs in order to achieve its objectives and goals. We look forward to your support and suggestions to work for effective development partnerships and a better life for the needy people of the nation.

In order to strengthen our efforts, we need support/Assistance by people/ organizations desirous to help  to underprivileged section of society.  They need your positive energetic and friendly support.

You may join us for

  1. Internship, Voluntary work  and jobs,
  2. Donate/Sponsor/loan/Credit- prize/ gifts, livelihood support-placements, entrepreneurship support, training/skill development/advance education opportunity
  3. you can share your thoughts and innovative ideas to express your eagerness to do something for them who really need.

“Your small contribution by time, money, knowledge & skills, contacts or by any capacity of yours, can make some lives  somehow somewhere bit comfortable”.