BUDS Academy 

BUDS Academy is a Primary education program for less privileged children, from March 2016. BUDS ACADEMY is providing English medium primary education to less privileged children (Mostly dropouts). With its minimum resources foundation facilitate these kids with rented class rooms, teaching facilities ( 2 teachers), school maid (1), free books, stationary facilities, Uniforms, other necessary things and facilities with the support of community contribution. BUDS Academy, has completed its two successful year and entering the next year. Setu Foundation is continuously making effort to receive support of donors and volunteers for facilitating BUDS Academy to provide more qualitative facilities and creative environment in order to uplift the status of enrolled students.
In addition foundation attempting to improve the financial status of concerning families through skill development and adult education as healthy and illiterate family support needed for upbringing of the child.


Presently the BUDS classes are running in some small rented rooms with minimum facilities. Foundation has arranged a space for students, books with primary stationery and teaching staff. However to sustain this effort a lot more needs to be done. Improvement in facilities will enhance the interest of student in studies along with strengthen education system of the BUDS program.
Along with this to continue the effort some necessary regular essential items are needed. In addition some regular expenses are another liabilities of BUDS as honorarium of teaching and supporting staff, rent, water and electricity bills, funds to organize some regular meetings with parents and programs for/with children.
With all these regular expense one student cost reach to Rs. 1000-1200 including faculty, furniture, uniform, books and stationary, staff and others in every month.
Foundation is seeking some sponsors who love to be a mentor of these kid/kids and can afford monthly/yearly expense of these kids to support their primary education.

“Your small contribution by time, money, knowledge & skills, contacts or by any capacity of yours, can make some lives somehow somewhere bit comfortable”.

न धर्मो दयापरः
No better dharma than kindness.